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Wonder Woman's 80th Anniversary Gets 100-Page Comic and More

DC released Wonder Woman's new logo in 2020 in preparation for her 80th anniversary. Now, one of many items announced today was the Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary 100-Page Spectacular, a hundred-page "collectible keepsake" and tribute to the Amazonian hero. The book will feature original art and stories from some of the best-known artists and storytellers in comics, including Eisner Award-winning artist Yanick Paquette and will be available on Oct. 21.

With the announcement of the Spectacular also comes the news that starting today, the original Wonder Woman comics are available to read for free on DC Universe Infinite. This includes her first appearance in All-Star Comics #8, her first headliner with Sensation Comics #1 and Wonder Woman #1 (1942). Every month, different Wonder Woman stories will be available to read for free on DC Universe Infinite as well. Also announced was a Wonderful Women of History anthology to be released Sept. 28 and Sensational Wonder Woman Vol. 1 for release on Oct. 5.


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