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Punisher: End of Days (USA) di Bendis

Aperto da Azrael, 10 Giugno 2017, 04:24:31

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BENDIS Revives END OF DAYS Title for New PUNISHER Series

Speaking about his upcoming Defenders realunch, writer Brian Michael Bendis has revealed that not only will the Punisher appear in that series, his appearance in the first arc will lead to a Punisher: End of Days series spinning out of his previous Daredevil: End of Days story.

"[We were] given the OK to do a Punisher: End of Days series, like we did with Daredevil," Bendis explained to "But this won't be like a sequel, but instead, kind of like a 'side-quel' with Punisher. It's in that world with the Punisher trying to attempt his final 'Punish.'"

Daredevil: End of Days was set in the future, telling the story of Matt Murdock's death and the aftermath. Punisher played a big role in that story, revealing the secret behind Matt Murdock's final unfinished business.

No release date or artist for Punisher: End of Days has been announced.

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