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All-New X-Men (USA) di Hopeless & Bagley

Aperto da Man of Steel, 30 Giugno 2015, 18:29:05

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This series has been at its best when left to its own devices rather than being dragged into one X-Men crossover or another. The hope was that Dennis Hopeless would be able to wrap up his series on a high note in the aftermath of IvX. Sadly, that doesn't turn out to be the case. There's some solid characterization on display in this issue, especially with Jean Grey being rolled back into the mix and her strained relationship with Cyclops taking center stage. And Paco Diaz's clean, orderly art style impresses, even if his characters too rarely look like actual teenagers. The problem mainly stems from the attempt to set the stage for X-Men Blue and give the original X-Men a clean slate. However noble that intention, Hopeless winds up doing significant damage to the team's long-term prospects. Their role in the X-Men franchise seems fundamentally diminished thanks to the events in this issue. Perhaps the damage can be undone in X-Men Blue, but that's a pretty crushing blow to be dealt in what should be a simple epilogue story. -Jesse

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