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Re:DCeased (USA) di Tom Taylor & Hairsine
« Risposta #135 il: 19 Febbraio 2020, 23:47:35 »
  • Letto Unkillables #1
    Primo numero che mi Ť piaciuto molto, comprese le matite.
    Solo lo humour mi ha fatto leggermente storcere il naso e trovo che alcune scelte creative siano....discutibili.
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    Re:DCeased (USA) di Tom Taylor & Hairsine
    « Risposta #136 il: 20 Febbraio 2020, 00:29:59 »
  • DCeased: Unkillables #1
    Written by Tom Taylor
    Art by Karl Mostert, Trevor Scott, Neil Edwards, John Livesay and Rex Lokus
    Lettering by Saida Temofonte
    Published by DC
    Review by Justin Partridge
    ĎRama Rating: 8 out of 10

    The world of DCeased gets a new breed of hero in the violently cool DCeased: Unkillables. Focused on the opening days of the Anti-Life plague, writer Tom Taylor returns to this fallen Earth to show us how DCís street-level bad guys are faring after the end of the world. Not only does this issue possess a cheeky, irreverent charm intercut with bloody action, it looks gorgeous as well, thanks to up-and-coming penciler Karl Mostert. Armed with an expressive, Frank Quitely-esque look and interesting points of view when it comes to scene construction, Mostert brings a real heart and energy to the visuals of this spinoff. Though oddly timed as a sister title given that the main series ended a while ago, DCeased: Unkillables #1 is a pleasantly dark surprise.

    Even as the world ends, Deathstroke is on the job. Tasked with wiping out a particularly hateful group of church-bombing terrorists, Slade is grateful for what he thinks is going to be some easy money. But as he enters the compound, he finds that the job - and the world around him - has changed, for it is the first day of the Anti-Life plague. Though we have seen this kind of setup before from Taylor, he quickly reverses the punchline of the main series - though Slade is exposed to the tech-based plague, instead of succumbing to Darkseidís infection, his healing factor manages to reverse it, making him an unlikely standard-bearer for the rest of the human race. Judging by the bloody swath the mercenary carves afterwards, whoever said the meek shall inherit the Earth clearly hasnít passed the memo to Tom Taylor.

    Itís with this comparatively smaller-scale approach that Taylor begins to build up Sladeís supporting cast, Engagingly time-stamped by letterer Saida Temofonte, Taylor and Mostert take us through the back alleys of the main DCeased miniseries, this time led by Slade and his daughter, Ravager. Their dynamic yields one the issueís better jump scares in the form of Roseís precognitive abilities, where she sees herself getting chomped by a horde of Anti-Life zombies the moment she leaves her apartment. Like his run on Suicide Squad, Taylorís scenes have a real wit and grim charge to them, showing that no one is safe - even those who can survive of the infection of the Anti-Life plague.

    But it isnít just all dark humor and stunning displays of violence. Taylor also manages a great deal of heart in this opening issue. The issueís B-plot concerns the fate of Jason Todd, who returns to the Batcave too late to save the characters killed in the main series. From there, Todd becomes the titleís co-leading man, reuniting with Ace the Bat-Hound, providing his family a proper burial in the Batcave, and setting out to save the last remaining Bat-Family members alive: Cassandra Cain and Jim Gordon. The contrast between these scenes and the villains gives the issue a fine dichotomy and continues Taylorís streak of pathos amid an apocalypse. Like the initial scenes with Deathstroke and the surviving Rogues, I would have liked maybe a scene more beyond the team-building, but the potential for greatness is very much there.

    Sweetening this post-apocalyptic pot is the art of Karl Mostert, Trevor Scott, Neil Edwards, John Livesay and Rex Lokus. Led by Mostertís expressive and energetic pencils, the entire art team renders Taylorís script well, bouncing nicely between tight interiors and well-blocked action. Mostert in particular displays a keen point of view during certain scenes, in particular when Red Hood addresses someone through the Batmobileís window and when Mirror Master walks Deathstroke and Ravager through the mirror dimension. The former is a tight, key-hole of a page, making use of the negative space around the panel to only show us through the passenger side window, while the latter is a show-stopping splash page featuring gory windows into the fallen Earth. It might be a bit much for some readers for sure, but it is a stellar display of the art teamís work throughout this debut issue.

    Though itís release is oddly timed for a spin-off, that does nothing to lessen the power or fun DCeased: Unkillables. Graced with pathos and grit by Tom Taylor and rendered with stellar artwork from a confident art team, DCeased: Unkillables is a killer debut.
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    Re:DCeased (USA) di Tom Taylor & Hairsine
    « Risposta #137 il: 20 Febbraio 2020, 13:09:12 »
  • Unkillables #1

    Ok, resta comunque tutto interessante..specialmente l'unione dei
    Spoiler  :
    e la questione del fattore rigenerante. Vediamo dove si andrŗ a parare.. :mmm:
    Disegni un po' cosž cosž..
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